JERSEY SHORE - Dozens of swimmers had to be rescued at the Jersey Shore this weekend as strong and sudden rip currents formed all along the coast.

According to officials, lifeguards pulled at least 30 swimmers from strong currents in Asbury Park alone. Experts say the rough conditions this weekend were the result of a combination of low tides, a full moon and strong southerly winds.

Experts tell swimmers who may be caught in a current to try to swim parallel to the shore, as this is the most effective way to escape.

As the Labor Day weekend approaches and many lifeguards begin going back to school, many are worried about the rough conditions and short staff.

"We are a little short-staffed, so if we have to close the beach or move people around, we will do what we have to do to keep the people safe," says Joe Bongiovanni, one of the head lifeguards in Asbury Park.

Extra lifeguards have been called in to Avon for the upcoming holiday weekend. However, in Brick Township, all beaches will be unguarded Thursday and Friday.

Officials say swimmers should avoid swimming at unguarded beaches.