MANASQUAN - Another Jersey Shore town that was badly damaged by Superstorm Sandy has decided it doesn't want protective sand dunes.

Manasquan's dunes were washed away in the storm. And despite assertions by many coastal experts that the dunes prevented the damage from being even worse, the borough has decided not to rebuild them.

Many residents say they like being able to see the ocean from their homes again - despite warnings from some experts that they are playing with fire.

Stockton University coastal expert Stewart Farrell says Manasquan is taking a tremendous gamble by forsaking dunes. He says, "Love the view now, lose the house later."

Manasquan Mayor George Depsey says he understands the viewpoint of many of his residents.

"If you're sitting on a bench, you wouldn't see the water, and that's what people want to do, they want to see the water," he says. "The people in the houses want the breeze and the views."

However, the mayor also says "any protection is better than no protection" when it comes to storms.

Manasquan officials say rebuilt dunes wouldn't give that much more protection, and that a recently widened beach will add some security.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.