MANASQUAN - Some Jersey Shore boat owners are scrambling to find new places to park their boats after finding out that the municipal marinas in Manasquan will be closed all summer for repairs.

Manasquan Mayor Edward Donovan says construction crews discovered badly deteriorated infrastructure while working on an already scheduled $3 million project to replace bulkheads.

"Some of the pilings from the neck down are eroded. Thirty to 40 years of water running past, and they're really narrow now and wouldn't support the weight of a new dock,” Mayor Donovan says.

The mayor admits that the timing of the repairs is bad with summer just around the corner, but says that there are regulations as to when this type of work can be done on the water.

"There are DEP regulations and migratory fish regulations that would preclude us from doing stuff later in the year,” the mayor says. “There is also a construction window, weather-wise in New Jersey."

Most of the 127 renters who used the municipal marinas have found spaces at private, more expensive marinas.

Mayor Donovan says that the town may have to charge more per slip in 2017 to cover the cost of the bigger-than-expected project.