BELLEVILLE - A Belleville man says first his son was robbed of his phone at gunpoint, and now he tells Kane in Your Corner he's being victimized all over again.

Chris Piontek says he was robbed at gunpoint near Belleville High School's athletic fields. Piontek says the robbers took everything, including his cell phone. When Piontek's father, Thomas, called Belleville police, detectives requested that Piontek leave his cell phone on because they wanted to trace the phone.

Using cell tower information provided by T-Mobile, police arrested the alleged gunmen. When Thomas Piontek received his cell phone bill, he saw that the criminals made over $400 worth of calls to Mexico and El Salvador. Piontek says T-Mobile told him he was responsible for the bill.

Belleville police say T-Mobile's legal department knew in advance that they asked for the phone to be left on.