JERSEY CITY - Despite a sealed crime scene, News 12 New Jersey cameras caught someone snooping around inside the home of a Jersey City woman found dead Monday.

Few details about the investigation into the death of 34-year-old Monica Montone have been released to the public, and many questions remain.

A news crew on the scene spotted a man with a baseball cap inside the Sycamore Road home. Police were called and arrived within minutes, but the man had slipped out another door.

Police have not said who might have been inside the home or why.

Prosecutors say Montone's husband, Kevin Montone was arrested and charged with narcotics-related crimes, but have not said whether he had anything to do with her death. The couple's 3-year-old son was taken away from the scene by ambulance, but did not appear to be injured.

A Range Rover that belonged to the couple was towed away Tuesday.

The prosecutor's office says it is still waiting for the results from the medical examiner.