TRENTON - A man who was injured during a dangerous summer crime spree has been released from the hospital and is sharing details about the incident.

Archie Vereen says he was sitting in his car before daybreak on a Trenton street reading a newspaper when a man, who police identify as Jeffrey Garrett, Jr., walked past his driver's side door and then walked past a second time.

Vereen says the carjacker got him out of his car, spun him around and fired a shot. He says he felt the blood drip down.

Vereen says he was stuffed into the trunk. The car was then used in the robbery of the Chase Bank in Hamilton where Garrett allegedly used the same gun to rob and shoot a teller.

Garrett is also accused of driving to a mall to dump the vehicle with Vereen in it. Vereen tells News 12 New Jersey he "heard the keys when they hit the console." He says he waited about 15-20 minutes and said to himself, "I better make my move now." He then pulled the lever and pushed the seat up. Vereen says he got out and fell and heard a woman say, "a man's bleeding!"

Garrett was arrested by U.S. marshals in Florida. He will be extradited back to New Jersey to face charges related to the robbery and carjacking.