NEWARK - Police found a 32-year-old man shot to death not far from where a concert was held just hours earlier.

Police say Hanif Zeigler was killed just before midnight Thursday night near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, hours after a free concert by 90s-era rap stars Naughty by Nature. The concert was part of the Sounds of the City concert series.

Police believe Zeigler was specifically targeted. He had served time for drug dealing, and was released from federal custody earlier in the day Thursday.

It's not clear if he went to the NJPAC concert, though hundreds were milling about for hours afterward, around the time Zeigler was shot.

The murder near the Newark landmark was a shock, but many defended the city and the free concerts. Residents are hoping that the shooting won't put a damper on future free concerts

In a statement, John Schreiber, president and CEO of NJPAC said, "This tragic event was an isolated one, and had no relation to the concert activities that took place earlier in the evening at the Arts Center."