PATERSON - Police shot and killed a man in Paterson last night after he allegedly put an officer's life in danger during a carjacking.

Police say they received a call shortly before 9:30 p.m. from a man who said his car was stolen from a parking lot at Passaic County Community College. He said the man, who police have identified as Paterson resident Lewis Baker, 37, tossed him out of his car and punched him before fleeing.

Police tracked down the car near the intersection of East 18th and Governor streets. When an officer approached the car, the driver allegedly attempted to back into him. The officer then fired multiple shots into the vehicle.

The Paterson Prosecutor's Office said Baker was released from prison April 1 after serving a robbery sentence.

Some residents say the city has seen a rise in similar crimes after more than 100 police officers were laid off in recent months.