TRENTON - A Trenton man sprang into action when he woke up to the smell of smoke early Saturday morning, and he is credited with saving his neighbors from a quick-moving fire that destroyed five rowhomes.

The flames broke out around 5:20 a.m. on Home Avenue. Fire officials tell News 12 New Jersey the fire likely started in an electric box located on the outside of one of the homes.

t then spread up through the walls, and began to travel by the roof down the length of the block, destroying the homes in its path.

Billy Flyer says he woke to the smell of smoke and when he went to investigate he found flames.

Flyer says he called 911 and told everyone in his home to evacuate before going to all his neighbors and telling them to do the same. 

"I found a fire by the electrical box, called 911, woke up my neighbors, fire department showed up and able to stop it," says Flyer.

Fire officials say more than a dozen people are now displaced, but no one was seriously injured in the fire.