SOUTH ORANGE - Police in South Orange say a man stole a bunch of electronics and other items from Seton Hall University in a theft that was caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows the man coming into the Seton Hall Recreation Center last Thursday dressed as if he is ready to work out. He approached the front desk and asked about gym membership before taking a tour of the facility.

"He was actually trying to get access to the building so he could go in," says South Orange Police Sgt. Adrian Acevedo.

The person at the front desk turned the suspect away, but video shows that he came back through a side door often propped open by students. He went upstairs and into the offices of the basketball coaches, according to police.

When the suspect is next seen on surveillance camera, he is dressed in different clothes, carrying several bags he didn’t have when he first entered the building.

"He managed to go through a number of offices and steal clothing and lots of electronics," says Sgt. Acevedo.

The university is still going through exactly what was stolen. South Orange Police are hoping someone in the public recognizes the man.

Anyone who may have any information is urged to call the South Orange Police Department at 973-763-3000.