TOTOWA - The owner of a Totowa bakery says that the same man has broken into the shop three times over the span of four weeks.

Maureen Jaret, owner of Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes, says that the man stole money from the shop the first two times he broke in. On the third occasion the break-in was caught on the shop’s surveillance system.

“It's bad enough once, horrible twice, but three times it was just the gall of it all,” says Jaret.

Jaret says the suspect was able to get in and out through a back window in the alley behind the shop. The first two times he apparently was able to jimmy the window open. The last time he broke it.

“You've already taken our money, now you'll destroy our property,” says Jaret.

On the third occasion the crook was not able to find any money. The cash register was empty, Jaret says. The suspect roamed around the shop for a while instead.

"It was worse. He was here for 10 minutes and touching all our stuff and searching,” Jaret says.

The Totowa police are hoping the public will recognize the person who broke into the shop. Anyone who may have any information about the break-ins should call Totowa police at 973-790-3700.