LYNDHURST - Lyndhurst police have arrested a man accused of stealing packages off the porches of numerous homes across New Jersey.

Officers made the arrest after receiving a tip from the Englewood Cliffs Police Department. They put out an alert to departments across New Jersey in hopes of getting the stolen packages back where they belong.

Hector Davila, 48, has been charged with the thefts.

One of the packages that Davila allegedly stole belonged to the Delmonaco family in Edison. News 12 New Jersey first reported about the family in November after their package was stolen. Inside it was a quilt made in honor of their son who died.

The family was devastated at the time and is now overjoyed to have the items back. Karen Delmonaco has a message for anyone else who wants to steal packages.

“Hopefully they will think before they take the next package. It could mean nothing to one person and have no monetary value, but it could mean the world to someone else,” she says.

Police say that there are often thefts of packages from homes around the holidays. Officers warn residents to make sure packages are delivered when they are home or have them sent to a neighbor who can pick them up.