SHORT HILLS - The owners of the Mall at Short Hills have been ordered to turn over information related to security expenses and incidents involving car thefts.

The information comes to light as part of a lawsuit from the widow of Dustin Friedland, who was shot and killed during a carjacking in one of the mall's parking decks. Four men were charged in connection with the crime.

Friedland family attorney Bruce Nagel says the mall was negligent in only having three security guards to patrol 19 parking decks.

"The documents that the judge ordered to be released will prove they spent far too little money on the security of their patrons," Nagel says.

The documents set to be released will cover a five-year period leading up to the fatal carjacking.

Mall owners Taubman Centers, Inc. declined to comment on the order, citing the pending litigation with Friedland's widow.

Universal Protection Service, the company that provides security for the mall, also declined to comment.