CLIFTON - State officials say the ongoing construction on Route 3 between Rutherford and Clifton will not be finished by the Super Bowl, which may lead to traffic concerns.

The construction is being done to replace a bridge over the Passaic River and widen the road to accommodate the increase in traffic. According to the Department of Transportation, Route 3 is one of the most congested sections of highway in the state.

Residents say it will be nearly impossible to use the road during the Super Bowl. Many neighbors say Route 3 is already congested and dangerous, but it may become impossible to use come game time.

While the project was supposed to be finished before the Super Bowl, the contractor blames the utility companies for the delay.

The DOT says the contractor offered to work overtime to get the construction finished by the Super Bowl for an extra $10 million. The DOT declined, saying they didn't think it was in the taxpayers' best interests.

The DOT says three lanes will be open in each direction during the Super Bowl, which is the same number of lanes that are currently in operation.

The construction on Route 3 started in August 2010. It will not be finished until the summer of 2014.