TOMS RIVER - A maintenance worker at a condominium complex in Toms River is accused of stealing jewelry from residents and then pawning the goods.

Nicholas Bradley, 32, of Manchester is charged with burglary, theft and theft by deception, according to police.

Investigators believe Bradley used his master key at The Fairways of Bey Lea to gain entry into apartments to complete work orders, but would then take small amounts of jewelry and cash while inside.

Investigators became suspicious when his name appeared as a frequent seller in pawn shop database records.

They say one piece of jewelry sold was engraved with initials and the birth date of a resident in the complex who hadn't realized it was missing.

Police say they suspect Bradley is responsible for some 150 thefts since 2010.

Any residents who requested maintenance work or have jewelry missing are asked to call the Toms River police.