BLOOMFIELD - A Bloomfield woman was shocked to learn that someone stole a mail package from her home.

Rachel De Gracia says she was furious when she saw surveillance video of a man walking up to her mailbox, reaching into his pocket to get a plastic bag and then stealing her package.

"I was furious. It's a good thing I saw it later in the day cause I actually wanted to jump through the screen," says De Gracia.

Police are warning residents to beware, especially as the holidays approach. Bloomfield Police Director Samuel DeMaio says anyone who sees a package sitting outside could see it as a window of opportunity. Police recommend scheduling deliveries at a time when you know someone will be home.

De Gracia says it's not the first time she has had a delivery stolen. She says she's just thankful that she has proof now because of a security camera installed outside her home.

The good news is police say they spotted the suspect at headquarters paying a fine for a previous crime. He now faces charges for theft.