MADISON - A sports banner in Madison has been taken down because it had the word 'God' written on it.

Town officials say they had the banner removed after receiving complaints from residents.

The banner reads "Dodger Domination," in reference to the Madison football team. Underneath are the words "One Nation Under God." It now adorns the wall of the Main Street Sub Shop in town.

The banner belongs to Dodger Nation, which supports Madison's high school sports programs. The fan group is not officially affiliated with the high school.

Pam Morse, of Madison, doesn't believe the phrase is appropriate. "I'm big on the separation of church and state," she says. "Am I really bent out of shape about this? No. But I do think it's unfortunate and they really should take it off."

The banner does not violate the separation of church and state because it was put up by the football team's fan club, not the school.

"If you're a person who believes in God, I don't see why it should offend you that other people do," says Susan Shay, of Madison.

The owner of the deli told News 12 New Jersey he wanted the banner on his building to show support for the team, which he played for decades ago.