MANASQUAN - A former high school wrestling star is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing a beach patrol car and assaulting several people.

Police say 20-year-old Lukas Iorio, of Ridgefield Park, stole the cruiser off the Beach Walk at around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. "It almost seems like he was role-playing in some sort of Grand Theft Auto kind of video game," says Chief Elliott Correia.

Manasquan Beach Patrol Manager Wally Wall says Iorio ran out of a house with people running after him, jumped in front of the vehicle and with both feet kicked in the windshield.

He forced the two patrolmen out and took off trying to hit pedestrians, according to police. "There was one gentleman who tried to jump out of the way a couple different times - and wherever he went the car kept swerving wherever he did," Correia says. "And it hit him."

Police say the suspect only stopped when the cart hit the gazebo at the end of the path. He then allegedly came down a ramp to a bike rack where he tried to steal a bike. That's when police say he hit another man trying to help and then took off for a house around the corner.

Iorio allegedly ran into another house and beat up a 72-year-old man inside.  The chief says it took seven people to subdue the suspect, who was apparently a wrestler while a student at Bergenfield Catholic. 

Witnesses say the young man was crazed and in a rage.

Five people were treated for minor injuries. Police say Iorio failed a sobriety test and refused a drug test. He faces multiple charges including DUI, carjacking, burglary, resisting arrest and assault.

Iorio is expected in court on June 4.