MOUNTAIN LAKES - The loud noise of a passing F-15 fighter jet rumbled through Morris County Wednesday, sparking fears in the wake of recent bombings in New Jersey and New York City.

"We heard extremely loud noise," explains Mountain Lakes Police Chief Shawn Bennett. "The building was vibrating. We all ran out to see what it was, looked up, saw a fighter jet heading south to north from the end of Route 46 to the area of Boonton."

Officials say that just before 6 a.m. a private, single-engine RV-9 airplane accidentally entered a temporary flight restriction zone put in place because of the United Nations General Assembly.

NORAD received an alert and dispatched the jet to escort the plane out. Fighters were also prepped to provide security for the U.N.

The Morris County Emergency Center was flooded with calls about the incident. Police Chief Shawn Bennett says he appreciates that people are taking seriously the attitude of see something, say something.