NEWARK - The adorable Australian Cattle Dog found wandering along the Turnpike two weeks ago has been happily reunited with his owner.

Dubbed 'Frisbee' for his affinity of the flying disc toy, he got away from his owner at a Kearny truck stop two weeks ago.

Wisconsin-based truck driver Richard Howard takes Frisbee, whose actual name is Punk, on the road with him all the time. But with a schedule to keep and deliveries to make, Howard had to make the tough decision to get back out on the road without his travel buddy.

"He's like one of my kids," Howard told News 12 New Jersey, "He's part of the family."

Richard notified Kearny police about his missing dog and reluctantly got back on the road.

State police found the animal wandering along the Turnpike and the Associated Humane Societies of Newark took him in.

Based on his grooming and his arsenal of tricks, workers there knew the animal had to belong to someone. But without tags or a microchip, they couldn't track down the dog's owner. 

Luckily, a Kearny police officer caught News 12 New Jersey's initial report on Frisbee. He called Richard on the road to tell him the good news.

The pair was happily reunited today in Newark.

Before hopping into his owner's 18-wheeler to head home, Punk was implanted with a microchip just incase he takes off again. 

To see video of the reunion between Punk and his owner, click on News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.