NEW BRUNSWICK - Testimony continued Wednesday in the trial against Michelle Lodzinski, the mother accused of killing her young son Timothy Wiltsey 25 years ago.

Wednesday’s testimony focused on two areas of the case: the changing stories of the boy’s disappearance that Lodzinski gave to police and a crucial piece of disputed evidence that led to a break in the disappearance case.

Nearly five months after Timothy disappeared, a man on a nature hike in Raritan Center in Edison found a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sneaker believed to have belonged to the boy. The man who found the shoe brought it to police who began a search of the area.

Timothy’s skull was found in the same area six months after the sneaker was found. At the time, Lodzinski told investigators that she wasn’t sure if the shoe was his. 

At the trial, the defense asked the lead investigator in the case how they could be sure the sneaker belonged to Timothy, given how popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were in 1991. The witness testified that he did not check to see how many similar sneakers were sold in the area at the time.

Prosecutors also went over three different stories Lodzinski told police about her son’s disappearance. She originally told police that Timothy vanished from a carnival in Sayreville when her back was turned. She then changed the story to say that she was confronted by abductors at the carnival who took her son.

The trial is expected to resume Thursday.