NORTH PLAINFIELD - A situation is unfolding at a North Plainfield dry cleaners where the owners appear to have disappeared and left customers' clothes locked inside the store.

"Any Garment $1.99 Cleaners" on Route 22 has not been open for several days.

Dozens of customers showed up Monday morning to retrieve their garments.

The discount cleaner not only has their clothing, but it also has their money because customers are required to pre-pay in cash when they drop off their laundry.

"I have $60.54 on one bill," says Michael Harrington, of Basking Ridge. "And I have $34.67 on the other bill. And I have $23.88 on the other bill."

Sylvia Walker, of North Plainfield, says she's been hung out to dry by the owners. "I have my skirt from my best suit in there," she says. "I'm going away next weekend and I don't have much hope that I'm going to have it back by then."

Customers say they can see their clothes hanging in the store window, where a "for lease" sign now hangs. "We're afraid that tomorrow that this store will be empty and all the clothes that are in here will be gone," says Marissa Hyman, of Watchung.

Customers were promised their clothes, or at least some more information, by today, but so far, the owners have not come through.

News 12 New Jersey has been unable to reach management, the landlord or police for comment.