LINDEN - The Linden Police Department is investigating the suspicious death of a pet cat.

Police say a Linden woman reported to police that she found her cat “Teddy” dead across the street from her Clinton Avenue home.  Laurie Haefner says her cat appeared to be intact with no signs of trauma.

Haefner says she believes that someone is soaking cat food in antifreeze and feeding it to stray cats in an attempt to kill them. She says that she’s previously had another cat die in a similar manner.

Police cannot confirm if Teddy was poisoned, but they are investigating. They are also issuing a reminder that animal cruelty is a crime and that anyone convicted could face fines ranging from $250 to $1,000, as well as jail time.

Anyone who might have any information about the death should call the Linden Police Department at 908-474-8500.