LINDEN - A Linden man is thankful to be reunited with his dog hours after it was stolen along with his BMW from a local gas station.

Surveillance video shows the victim going into the convenience store Wednesday night. He kept his dog in the car, which was left running.

On the video, the car can be seen pulling away, with the owner coming out of the store to find it gone.

Police say they have not found the stolen BMW, but they did find the Yorkshire Terrier on the roadway about 2 miles from the gas station.

"We're thinking maybe the dog started barking and annoyed the thief enough so that he wanted to get rid of it," says Capt. James Sarnicki. "Fortunately, he didn't harm the dog."

Sarnicki says the victim made it too easy for the thief when he left the keys in the ignition, and that criminals find crimes of opportunity hard to resist.