SEASIDE HEIGHTS - Rip currents are keeping lifeguards busy at the Jersey Shore this week.

Forecasters and lifeguards say that there was a moderate risk for the formation of rip currents along the entire coast on Friday.

The Seaside Heights Beach Patrol says that their lifeguards have made several rescues this week due to rough conditions in the water.

“We’ve had some rough water and quite a few rescues,” says Chief lifeguard Jay Boyd. “The wind was blowing out of the northeast for three straight days. We call it a dry Nor’easter, because it didn't have rain with it. It created thicker waves and rough surf.”

Nine swimmers had to be rescued Thursday along with 12 people who needed assistance. There were at least four rescues Friday.

Boyd says that he wants swimmers to be able to enjoy the beach. So although the waters were rough, he did not believe swimming needed to be off limits.

“As long as we deem it safe enough and we have a very good crew, we let them go in to a certain point,” he says. “We say knee deep.”

Lifeguards say that they hope that the weather changes this weekend to remove the threat of rip currents.

Swimmers who get caught in the currents should try to swim parallel to the coast until the current subsides.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.