OLD BRIDGE - An Old Bridge mayoral candidate is accusing the township administration of delaying repairs on the Old Bridge town library.

Township records show the roof of the library has been leaking for years. Bookshelves inside the library are covered in tarps to protect the books from water damage.

"It should be fixed," says mayoral candidate Bill Cerra. "It should have been a priority to be fixed."

Current Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry says the roof will be fixed and that an $800,000 project will be started soon.

"By the end of the year there will be a new roof on that library," says Mayor Henry, who admitted the roof has been leaking for years.

However, several library patrons who spoke to News 12 New Jersey say they haven't been overly concerned about the leak.

"I have never noticed any water getting on the floor or on any books," says Dolores Hulitt.

"Is it annoying? Yes. Especially when it rains because you think it's going to come in," says Jennifer Katz. "Other than that, I haven't really noticed anything."

The project will also replace the library's air conditioning and lighting, according to township officials.