TOMS RIVER - The Imam of a Toms River mosque spoke to his members on the last day of Ramadan about the need to put healing ahead of hostility.

News 12 New Jersey spoke with Imam Alaa Ahmed, of the Masjid Bilal mosque, about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero as well as the controversy surrounding Florida Pastor Terry Jones' plan to burn the Quran on Sept. 11. Ahmed believes the proposed mosque should be moved. He believes people of his religion should show their humanity. Ahmed says he understands the pain of those that lost family members in the Sept. 11 attacks. He says, "A crime happened there and the victims still have that memory."

Many other Muslims disagree with Ahmed, including another Imam News 12 New Jersey spoke with from the Islamic Center of Ocean County. He says, "Now is a very good time for Americans and for us that we give this message to the world that America is a beautiful country that gives freedom to everyone."