HAMILTON - Another New Jersey school district is now dealing with a lead scare.

Parents of students at Morgan Elementary School in Hamilton received a letter Friday letting them know that results of recent tests showed above-acceptable levels of lead.

Another school in the Hamilton Township School District, Greenwood Elementary, shut down one water fountain that was found to have elevated lead levels. The fountain will be shut down until a second sample comes back.

At Morgan Elementary School, more of the samples were positive, so all fountains have been shut down.

Bottled water was handed out at Morgan Elementary School as soon as the results came in Friday. The school's principal says water coolers will be installed as well.

The school also plans to prepare all food off-site for the time being even though tests on kitchen faucets in the school have come back clean.

Hamilton is the latest in a string of New Jersey districts testing and releasing the results after Newark revealed 30 of their schools tested positive for above-acceptable levels of lead.