EAST ORANGE - Lawmakers in New Jersey are considering legislation that would ban the sale of realistic-looking toy guns in the state.

Newark school teacher Kevin Davis says he took a toy gun from a fifth-grader last week that looked very real.

"There was a student who came with a plastic gun…so I had to remove it from him,” Davis says. “Come to find out he had just robbed two kids just prior to that with the same gun."

Several New Jersey cities have already passed their own ordinances banning the sale of these toys.

East Orange Councilman Ted Green spearheaded a ban on the toys in his city two years ago. He says Irvington and Orange adopted similar bans soon after.

Green says he gave a demonstration in Trenton last month to support Assembly Bill 11-19.

"These guns…they look like a real gun. Now when they were selling these guns, they have an orange tip on them. But what they were doing was they were using…spray paint and they were spraying the gun all black,” Green says.

Green says they are still in the process of making sure all of the stores in East Orange have stopped selling realistic looking toy guys. 

“We are making progress,” he says.

The New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety committee voted to forward the measure last month. The bill is sponsored by Essex County Democrat Sheila Oliver.