TRENTON - Lawmakers in Trenton have discussed plans that require a small percentage of heating fuel to be made from plant-based oils.

Requirements would start at 3 percent and climb to as much as 5 percent by next year. Experts say that along with moving the state away from fossil fuels, home heating oil could be the next market for green fuels in New Jersey. They say the initiative may also lead to new job growth.

Scott Hedderich, with Renewable Energy Group, says the move is important for the state's bio-fuel industry.

"Not having this requirement in place I think takes New Jersey off the table from a production standpoint," Hedderich says. "I want to be clear - whether it's our company or another company, someone is going to build a bio-diesel plant in the Northeast."

The bill allows Gov. Christie to suspend the required mix if there is a shortage of plant-based fuels.