TRENTON - Lawmakers discussed a bill Thursday that would limit how many bullets News Jersey gun owners could load into their weapons.

Mel Katz runs a gun training and retail shop out of his home in East Windsor and is worried about selling an inventory full of 15-round magazines.

A legislative committee is debating a bill that would reduce the number of bullets legal magazines could hold from 15 to 10.

The latest in a series of proposed gun control bills has led to spikes in gun and ammo sales, and according to Katz, is contributing to a fear among legal gun owners that they are being singled out. 
"We don't have the proper people in Washington or in our Legislature who understand the culture of shooting," Katz says. 

The bill's sponsor called it a response to mass shootings nationwide, where attackers benefited from not having to reload.  

Assemblyman Lou Greenwald also shot down the notion that 10 rounds aren't enough for self-defense. "I have not yet seen the fact pattern where, someone breaks into your home, you load your weapon and fire off 10 rounds and the individual who is defending their property and their life is somehow accosted after they've shot off the 10 rounds," Greenwald says.

A similar bill wasn't able to make it through the Legislature last year.