NEWARK PENN STATION - Officials are having conversations about railroad security in the wake of a pair of weekend bombings in Seaside Park and Manhattan.

Unlike on airlines, rail passengers don't need to show photo identification to board. Some lawmakers want that to change.

Authorities have already stepped up security in New York and New Jersey since the attacks, especially on commuter rails, but some want to take further measures.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for a security overhaul Monday morning. He wants to coordinate new measures with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York's Penn Station.

Several pipe bombs were also found near a major rail artery in Elizabeth, prompting some commuters to call for New Jersey state lawmakers to get on board with the New York proposal.

But other riders say that checks for photo IDs may not be the best route to improving safety.

"Maybe it could stop something, but sadly to say, if they are determined to do it, somehow they will find a way," says commuter Kahali Johnson.

The New York measures could affect New Jersey residents who commute or travel to New York. Cuomo plans to release the details soon.