WARWICK, N.Y. - Only 400 remain of the once more than 4,000 drive-in theaters across the United States remain, and owners say they must change with the times to survive.

The film industry is giving way to the digital age, and equipment will have to be replaced.

New Jersey once boasted 57 drive-in theaters. The first one in America opened in Pennsauken in 1933. One remains in the South Jersey town of Vineland.

In Warwick, N.Y. three big screens are still going strong.

Co-owner Beth Wilson says she loves the nostalgia of working at the drive-in since her parents purchased the drive-in in 1977.

"We grew up here, we were raised here," says co-owner Laurey Keller. "This is like our family, like our second home here."

The theater is open all summer long, and on spring and autumn weekends to those movie-going pilgrims who treasure the experience.