JERSEY CITY - Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and officials from the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority announced today the completion of a project aimed at reducing downtown flooding.

The city has completed work on the last of four pumps capable of pumping about 1,400 gallons per minute. Fulop says the pumps will help alleviate damage in a flood-prone area that fills with water even after small storms.

"These pumps are an infrastructure improvement I first worked on as councilman, and now as mayor am pleased to see them installed, especially following last year's devastating hurricane," said Mayor Fulop. "As we grow our city, we must ensure that our infrastructure meets the needs of our growing community. For too long residents throughout Jersey City, but especially in the downtown area, have endured repeated flooding and these pumps will help prevent that."

Bob Tucker hopes a water pump installed at Essex Street and the Hudson River, will stop flooding in his basement. He says it takes 70 pounds of sand to keep his basement toilet from gushing sewer water back up during a heavy rain.

Downtown residents in Jersey City say that the pump installation is long-awaited. "The tide gates shut here and when that happens the entire downtown sewer system, particularly at York and Grand streets, becomes essentially a holding tank," says Tad Drouet.

The MUA paid for the submergible pumps, which cost approximately $5 million. Together they can pump 80 million gallons of water a day.