SOUTH ORANGE - A man from South Orange opened up his quarterly water bill in March, but is still shocked by the amount of water he's being charged for. Josh Macklin's bill was for $8,000, more than a million gallons of water.

When Macklin experienced low water pressure in February, he spoke to an East Orange Water Commission representative who, he says, told him the problem was frozen pipes and would rectify itself come warmer weather.

Macklin says he's being punished for listening to the commission. It turns out a broken sprinkler system pipe on his property was the culprit. He says he never noticed it since the water stayed below a foot of snow. The sprinkler has since been fixed, but the bill hasn't.

If unpaid by the end of the year, a lien will be placed on his house. Macklin says he has a lawyer and will be fighting the bill if it is not canceled or significantly reduced.