LAKEWOOD - For the 90 people living in Tent City in Lakewood, wood burning stoves are a necessity for staying warm during the cold winter months.

With temperatures expected to dip into the 20s overnight, News 12 reporter Chris Keating dropped in on the community to see how they are holding up.

Residents say that the stoves have been banned in Tent City by the Lakewood Township Council, due to safety reasons. They face warnings and possible fines.

Of the 90 people living in tent city, 63 have ID cards saying they're registered residents. A consent order signed in March is supposed to provide housing for the residents in an effort to begin moving people out.

“Here we are nine months later and not one person has gotten housing by the township," said resident Steven Brigham.

News 12 reached out to police and township officials to see if fines were imminent with regards to the wood burning stoves. They did not return a call to comment.