LAKEWOOD - In the wake of the Newtown shooting, children's safety is paramount in the minds of parents across New Jersey and beyond.

A company in Lakewood understands that, and as a result, they've used data on school shootings going back to 1991 and have developed a ballistic shield incorporated into a backpack.

J.Bullivant executive Chantel Robinson says the backpack incorporates tons of protective features that could make it a potential lifesaver in the unfortunate event of a school shooting.

No backpack is truly bulletproof, and Robinson stresses that the backpack alone won't prevent school shootings or guarantee kids safety.

"The ballistic shield is not going to be the be all to end all," she tells News 12 New Jersey, "you can't really rely on a ballistic shield. It's a series of activities and processes in terms of lockdown and educating the public about what to do in those types of situations that's going to help protect our children."