LAKE HOPATCONG - A normally cool, refreshing lake in northern New Jersey has become an icky mess, and residents want to know what it's going to take to get it cleaned up.

For many, the largest lake in the state is an alternative to going down to the shore. Michelle Sarinelli, of Lake Hopatcong, says she'll still swim in the middle of the lake, but won't get in the water off a dock.

"The locals call it muck," says Mount Arlington resident Melissa Macula. "But you learn to live with it when you grow up here."

The Lake Hopatcong Commission says weeds can sprout 14 inches a week with the hot temperatures.

In 2011, Lake Hopatcong State Park took over weed harvesting. Weather permitting, a fleet of six harvesters head out early every morning to clear weeds.