NEWARK - After being laid off almost eight months ago, 70 former Newark police officers are still waiting for their paychecks.

The officers are part of a group of more than 150 police officers laid off last November because of budget problems.

The officers are still waiting to be paid out for their unused sick and vacation days. Their union says it's unacceptable for the city to ask them to wait this long.

The city says there had been a delay in getting the paperwork processed, but told News 12 New Jersey they now have all of the necessary paperwork and hope to issue the checks soon. In a statement, the Newark Police Department said: "The City conducted three separation seminars for police officers to make the process smoother. All of our police officers were given instructions upon their separation from the Police Department of the documentation that was needed. The City also instructed them and is coordinating the necessary paperwork for officers to transfer to other police forces ("Rice Bill" paperwork). Additionally, there were issues regarding calculation that the Union has been fully aware of. The City has finally received the necessary paperwork related to separation payment and we are currently processing the appropriate checks. We are working to resolve this matter as soon as possible."