PRINCETON - The lack of rain has been both good and bad for local farms.

Dry conditions bring big crowds to local farms, including Terhune Orchards in Princeton. But it also takes more time and money to keep the crops looking and tasting as good as they do.

"It is challenging because the trees and vegetables do need to have water," says Pam Mount, owner of Terhune Orchards. "They can't grow without water, and they die, and they mature sooner and not as big or nice and juicy."

Most established farmers are equipped with modern irrigation systems that help keep the crops healthy without wasting water.

News 12 meteorologists are predicting rain this week, but it can't come too soon for Gary Mount, of Terhune Orchards.

"I've got to get those grapes off before the rain hits," he says. "Having heavy rain on grapes ready to pick is not so good."

Farmers say another benefit of the lack of rain is that there are fewer insects and disease on farms.