POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Sherrie Rush, of Point Pleasant Beach, says she received E-Z Pass violation after violation for months.

Rush says she called E-Z Pass to explain that it wasn't her going through the toll plazas, because she doesn't even own a car.

The photographs that were sent to Rush's home along with the violation explain the mix-up. The photos show a car with the license plate "RUSH-2." Sherrie Rush had a vanity plate with her last name 17 years ago, but there was no number. It simply read "RUSH."

Rush says she tried to explain this for nine months, but no one would listen. She reached out to Kane in Your Corner. After Kane in Your Corner called the Turnpike Authority, Rush's name was cleared.

A spokesman for the Turnpike Authority says this is an unusual case and the assumption was that license plates that said "RUSH" and "RUSH-2" would be registered to the same owner. The spokesperson says they don't even have a mechanism for including the hyphen and the small number in the reports it sends to the Motor Vehicle Commission.