OLD BRIDGE - Some residents at an over-55 condo complex say Old Bridge Township is partly to blame for construction defects that have forced them to live in homes that are rotting around them.

Kane In Your Corner first reported the issues at the Plaza Grande development last week. Homeowners have dealt with repeated leaks that have caused water damage. In some units, mushrooms are growing; others have mold, and throughout the complex, wood is separating from frames. The homeowners association is suing the builder, D.R. Horton, with the case expected go to court later this year.

But some Plaza Grande residents say Old Bridge should also bear some responsibility. "The township was supposed to have inspectors," says resident Bernard Mazzocchi. "What happened? How did they get away with this?"

Old Bridge Administrator Christopher Marion tells Kane In Your Corner that his office will do anything possible to help residents but there was little the township could do to uncover the problems in advance. Marion says town construction officials only inspect footings, foundations, frames and insulation and are not authorized to inspect flashings and water barriers, where he says the construction defects apparently happened.

News 12 New Jersey residents seem to feel there's plenty of blame to go around. On Facebook, Sharon writes:  "Homeowners should not be the victims for builders and subcontractors that did not do their jobs and the building inspectors that let them get away with it." 

Another viewer, Lori, doesn't buy D.R. Horton's attempt to avoid blame by suing its subcontractors, saying: "It doesn't matter who held the hammer. It's the contract signer's responsibility."