EDISON - From pension rules that are leaving veteran high school coaches at an impasse to dangerous motor oil for sale in New Jersey despite promises by manufacturers to clean up their act, News 12 New Jersey viewers have plenty to say about recent Kane In Your Corner investigations.

"Bewildering," and "the world gone amuck" were two viewer comments about the impact new state pension rules are having on people like Ken Graf of Metuchen. Graf has been coaching soccer at Metuchen High School for 42 years. But when he retires as a middle school teacher next month, he won't be allowed to continue coaching, even though he's offered to do it for free. Under new rules passed in 2012, Graf is forbidden to coach in Metuchen, even as a volunteer, but he can coach for pay at any other school district. The state pension department insists it implemented the new rules to bring the state into compliance with IRS regulations, but Kane In Your Corner found no IRS rule that bans volunteering.

Bill from South Amboy calls the new pension rules "exactly counterproductive…Here you've got a guy who's willing to [coach] for free, save a little money for the school district and they don't even want to let him do it. It makes absolutely no sense."

Several other coaches called to say they've experienced the same problem. "I've been coaching for 10 years as a volunteer, unpaid," says Bill from West Milford, "and this year I was told I can no longer coach…or I'd lose my pension…There are a lot of people there who are volunteering, not getting paid, and still can't coach."

Some viewers were less sympathetic to the plight of Graf and others. On Facebook, Cosmo writes, "It's not wrong; either retire or don't." But most viewers say if Graf is willing to work for free, state pension officials have no business telling him he can't. Donna writes: "What a bunch of absolute morons. What is the difference if he volunteers?"

A lot of you also reacted to Kane In Your Corner's update on dangerous motor oils that can damage your car.  News 12 New Jersey's Walt Kane was the first reporter in the country to expose this problem last December, and one of the brands of oil that did worst in Kane n Your Corner's lab tests was MaxiGuard, made in Brooklyn. The manufacturer promised it would fix the product and release an improved version this year. But Kane In Your Corner found the new version wasn't significantly different; it was still contaminated with dirt and metal shavings that can seriously damage your car.

William writes: "This was a good report!!! [Bad] oil will mean the difference from a car blowing up at 30,000 miles…or 200,000+ miles."

Noel suggests, "Take the investigation further; check oil used in 10 minute oil change establishments."

But some viewers believe consumers bear more responsibility too. Matias writes, "If you can't afford an extra $2 for a decent brand of oil you honestly can't afford to own a vehicle. Get real people!"