EDISON - An IRS tax scam exposed by Kane In Your Corner last week was apparently fairly widespread, with several other News 12 New Jersey viewers reporting they were intended victims.

Joe from Toms River is one of the viewers who contacted our Voice of the Viewer phone line to say he got a call claiming he owed back taxes. "They told me that if I didn't pay this up, that they'd sent me several notices, and I would be arrested in 30-90 minutes," he said. "I mean they actually almost had me believing that they were going to come to my house and arrest me. I appreciate your being on our side."

Maria echoed those comments on Facebook. "It happened to me 2 weeks ago," she said. "They told me the same thing they told that woman you interviewed, exactly the same words."

The IRS says this scam is more sophisticated than most because some of the callers actually have the names and last four digits of the intended victim's Social Security numbers. The agency says the key is to remember that it will not contact taxpayers who are behind on their taxes by phone and will never pressure people to make payments by credit card or wire.

There was also considerable feedback to an ongoing series of investigation into a plan to clean up a toxic site on the Rahway River in Carteret by capping it with tons of contaminated soil and cement. As Kane In Your Corner reported first, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, under the Christie administration, ignored warnings from its own scientists that the weight of that soil could push cyanide sludge into the river. The company that got the job, Maryland-based Soil Safe, was just sued for allegedly breaking the law at another project in Logan Township, but it has made political contributions to Senate President Steve Sweeney and hired Sen. Bob Smith to serve as its attorney.

Dana writes, "This politically motivated project is nothing more than cash stock for the elected officials and developers."  Rick wonders, "Are people of this state that blind, that they cannot see the paid for political shenanigans going on?". Bruce adds, "Just another example of how the environment is ignored under the Christie Administration."

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