HIGHLAND PARK - A Kane In Your Corner investigation into alleged falsifying of public records in Highland Park is evoking strong opinions from News 12 New Jersey viewers, with some saying school officials need to be held accountable.  Other blame parents for being oversensitive.

As News 12 New Jersey reported Tuesday, the controversy began when teachers at Irving Elementary School began putting student assignments on bulletin boards, complete with the final grades that kids received. When some parents complained about students grades being made public, school officials claimed teachers had gotten confused. They even released what they said was a copy of the policy, which appeared to say teachers were allowed to post student grades if they wished, but were not required to do so.

Kane In Your Corner found the document provided to parents had been altered. The policy teachers received had said the final grades "must" be included, while in the one sent to parents, the word "must" had been changed to "may".

On Facebook, "Greg" wrote, "The denial and cover up is wrong and the officials need to pay for their lies," while "Doe" said "They need to apologize to the children."

Highland Park School Superintendent Tim Capone admitted the document released to parents had been altered, but claimed it was an honest mistake. Some viewers thought parents were blowing the issue out of proportion. 

"Nadine" wrote "OMG, sounds like the parents are sensitive. How does someone have that much time on their hands to email the school over and over again and call the news?" "Mary" thought the district should have stuck to its guns all along. "Maybe seeing grades encourages students to do better," she said. "All this whining needs to stop, we are raising a generation of oversensitive kids."

But "Cheryl" countered, "I don't think sensitivity of a child is the issue here. The problem is the school allegedly tried to cover it up."