EDISON - A recent Kane In Your Corner investigative series on the restraint of children in schools caught the attention of New Jersey legislators as well as viewers.

Sen. Kevin O'Toole is proposing a bill, with the support of Senate President Stephen Sweeney, to address some of the problems exposed in the investigation.

Viewers had strong opinions on both sides.  Laura responded via Facebook, saying, "Thank you for fighting for children who need you the most." 
However, another Facebook comment by Diane says, "You've put quite a spin on this story. Please report responsibly and share both sides."
The series brought back painful memories for some. At his school for special-needs students, Josh says, "Security guards and teachers, they would cross our arms behind us and pretty much slam us...This has been happening for years and years."

One viewer named Terry asks the questions, "This is school?? Or jail? There has to be better way." But Kelly says, "I've restrained students and it's only done as a last resort. If the student may harm themselves, a teacher or another student, it's the safest way."
Almost all of you were in agreement when it came to our report about kids being repeatedly restrained while their parents say the schools didn't tell them it was happening. "I am quite sure there are instances where it is necessary to restrain," Dorothy writes. "However the parents absolutely have the right to know."
Some viewers also commented on the bill O'Toole is introducing, requiring parents be notified and for school staff be properly trained. Richard writes, "God Bless you…I cannot recall a more rapid positive reaction by elected officials to an investigative report."