EDISON - A recent Kane In Your Corner Investigation into a man who received a lot of money in donations claiming to be a survivor of the World Trade Center attacks has drawn strong reactions from viewers.

Charles Giles claims to have been inside the north tower when it collapsed. He credits a Port Authority police officer with saving his life and pulling him from the rubble. The officer, Mark Meier, told Kane In Your Corner that rescue never happened. "I don't want him to benefit in any way, shape or form, from lies," Meier says.

Giles also says he was seriously injured when the tower fell, and permanently ruined his health working on rescue efforts for months. But Kane In Your Corner found hospital records do not support his claims of injuries, and his former employer reported he was at Ground Zero for less than one day.

Most comments on the investigation were favorable, although some were critical, especially with the timing of the report, which aired two days before the 9/11 anniversary.

Mitchell writes, "I am not a vengeful man nor a judgmental person. But this guy deserves to be exposed and punished."

"Thank you for exposing this person once and for all," writes Heather. "So many local organizations and community members gave to him and helped him out. He should have to answer for what he has done."

Kim called News 12 New Jersey to say, "the only thing that collapsed on Charles Giles was his story."

Some of you didn't think the investigaiton was relevant.

Nellie writes, "Shouldn't we just focus on the people who died and the family and friends they left behind?"

Japjot echoes that sentiment, saying, "Not important…move on."

But Vinny says, "For those who say this story isn't important, please remember that there are many sick LEGITIMATE First Responders who need financial aid."