EDISON - One day after a Kane in Your Corner investigation revealed that the Fenimore Landfill project may be based on an illegal contract, Roxbury residents were in Trenton for a hearing in front of state lawmakers.

Richard Bernardi is the man who signed a deal with the state, claiming to be the director of SEP, the company which owns the troubled landfill. But a News 12 New Jersey investigation showed that Bernardi doesn't even work for SEP.

The company is set in Bernardi's wife's name, possibly because Bernardi is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and is a convicted felon.

Viewers who contacted News 12 couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Wow, this man just left his wife holding the bag to answer for all of his activity," Linda Keane says. "What kind of man does that?"

At the state hearings Thursday, lawmakers considered a possible takeover of the landfill site because of fumes that residents say are making them sick. Even though there was no vote, residents were happy to have a chance to be heard.

"Thank you, Kane!" Madeline Solano says. "For showing up, for telling our story, and believing in the Roxbury residents!"