EDISON - News 12 New Jersey viewers are reacting strongly to last Friday’s Kane In Your Corner investigation into a public employee in Union City who has two jobs, and also brings in nearly $50,000 a year in overtime.

Henry Munker is Union City’s superintendent of Public Works and emergency management director. Combined, the two jobs pay nearly $100,000 a year. But Munker also gets paid overtime whenever he works more than 40 hours in a week, and in a recent three-year stretch, payroll records show that added up to more than $147,000.

Complicating matters is that Union City is a distressed city that gets millions of dollars in supplemental aid from the State of New Jersey. In return, Union City Mayor Brian Stack signed a memorandum of understanding, promising that no managers would be paid overtime unless required by law.

John from Westfield tells the Voice of the Viewer line, “It’s wrong and he really shouldn’t be getting this money.” Sean from Sayreville adds: “That’s why we pay the highest property taxes in the nation. This is ridiculous.”

Some viewers say Munker’s deal is proof New Jersey politicians are blaming the wrong people for the state’s budget problems.

Alan from Morganville says, “The politicians want to go on records as saying…the teachers, the garbage collection crews, they are the reason our taxes are so high. No, they’re not. It’s these politicians who are robbing us blind.”

In last week’s report, Union City officials argued it was cheaper to pay Munker overtime than hire more managers. Some of you seem to agree. On Twitter, “There’sAnn” writes: “Good Lord - in Union City I am SURE it’s easy to have be at work extra time. Leave the poor DPW [superintendent] alone.”