NORTH BERGEN - A North Bergen store owner claims that she was bullied by a North Bergen official to remove a political sign from her window.

According to Jyostna Patel, surveillance video from her convenience store shows the assistant Public Works superintendent entering the shop to confront her. There is no sound to the video, but Patel says that the official is telling her to take down a campaign sign that supported the candidate running against him.

Patel says the assistant superintendent threatened her by saying she would get problems from the city if she doesn't remove the sign. Opposing candidates say that the administration's actions are disgraceful.

City Council candidate April Tricolli-Busset shot another video of a North Bergen Public Works crew. She claims the public works crew is going door-to-door in the video, stealing her campaign flyers.

A spokesperson for North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco denies the allegations. He says that city Public Works officials never threatened Patel. He also says the workers in the second video were not stealing flyers.